Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Library Haul

Fault Line: A NovelI've been dying to get over to the library, but for the past few weekends it's been closed for the holidays, and I can never get over there during the week. So after paying about $9.00 in fines, I checked out the following books:

Fault Line by Barry Eisler
Not something I would pick up normally, but I saw on a few blogs he's been trying to get romance readers to check out his books. This intrigues me - does he recognize the buying power of the romance reader? Does he think simply because that there's some hot scenes in his book that the romance community will love his book? I've started it, but I'll hold my judgement until I finish.

Monet Talks by Tamar Myers
Monet Talks (Den of Antiquity)I'm on the worst kind of cozy mystery kick right now, and I heard about Myers' "Den of Antiquity" series and had to check it out (with that series title, how could you not?). Unfortunately, the first book Larceny and Old Lace is way too much in ebook form, and the library didn't have it. So I'm just going to read the series out of order. Hopefully it won't be an issue.

The great thing about my local library is that it has an ongoing book sale. It doesn't have quite the selection that other library book sales have, but I usually come out of there with a handful of books. Immediately I saw A Lady of Persuasion and Surrender of a Siren: A Novel by Tessa Dare, which I've heard good things about but haven't gotten around to checking them out. Even better, they were in almost new condition. I also grabbed The Fax of Life (Molly Masters Mystery) by Leslie O'Kane in hardcover. I've never heard of this author, and considering the title and the publish date ('99), I'm hoping for some spectacularly dated technology.


  1. The Tamar Myers shouldn't be too much of an issue reading it out of order. She has another series too, by the way, about an Amish bed and breakfast owner. I prefer the Antiques one that Monet Talks is part of, myself, though. If you like series with punny titles, check out Jill Churchill and Mary Daheim.

  2. I went with Den of Antiquity over the Amish series since I love me some antiques. I will have to check Daheim and Churchill out. Also, have you read "The Ghost and Mrs. McClure" by Alice Kimberly? I heard "haunted bookstore" and jumped all over it.

  3. Jessica,
    I have also read The Ghost and Mrs. McClure by Alice Kimberlay. to my mind it is the most genious thing I have ever read, I just enjoyed reading every page in the book, it is full of wise thoughts and very stylish formed for this ganre.