Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good Deal - Smart Women Read Between the Lines

I usuallly track my books on an excel spreadsheet and have a black book I carry around with series orders and notes on books I'm interested in, but I'm tempted to switch to this just for it's awesome cover. Here's the product description:
Smart Women Read Between the Lines: A Reader's Journal
With this handy, totable reader's journal, keeping tabs on literary adventures is a breeze. Track and review books read and books recommended. Jot down favorite passages and authors. Keep literary lists, including books lent and borrowed, a book club selection log, and must-attend literary event dates. With inspiring quotes from outstanding smart women sprinkled throughout, plus an A to Z list of great books by women, this journal is a must-have for smart readers everywhere.
And it's cheap, too. I think I just might have to have this.
Price: $5.83 - (Book picture goes to Amazon listing)

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  1. Couldn't the same info go into a PDF on your Kindle & then you can check the prices at Amazon while out and about?